Week 1 Results

Physical Challenge

Rascals 31 runs – 12 pts
Royals 30 runs – 10 pts
Rangers 28 runs – 8 pts
Hawkes 28 runs – 8 pts
Rockets 14 runs – 4 pts
Raiders 10 runs – 2 pts
Lauriston 7 runs – 0 pts

Mental Callenge


Rangers 1502 runs – 12 pts
Rascals 1457 runs – 10 runs
Royals 1295 runs – 8 pts
Red Hawkes 1190 runs – 6 pts
Lauriston Lassies 1177 runs – 4 pts
Raiders 925 runs – 0 pts.

Scores after Physical & Mental Challenge

1st – Rascals 22 pts
2nd – Rangers 20 pts
3rd – Royals 18 pts
4th Red Hawkes 14 pts
5th Lauriston Lassies 4 pts.
5th Raiders 4 pts
5th Rockets 4 pts.


Royals 53 runs – 12 pts.
Rangers 49.5 runs – 10 pts.
Raiders 42 runs – 8 pts
Rockets 41 runs – 6 pts
Lauriston Lassies 39 runs – 4 pts
Red Hawkes 27.5 runs – 2 pts
Rascals 17 runs – 0 pts.

Final Results;

7th – Lauriston Lassies 08 pts.
6th – Rockets 10 pts.
5th – Raiders 12 pts.
4th – Red Hawkes 16 pts.
3rd – Rascals 22 pts.
1st – Royals 30 pts.
1st – Rangers 30 pts.

Series 2 - Week 2

Physical Challenge

An excellent task to improve your catching and throwing skills.

You will need:

A ball

A wall 

A watch


Watch the video to see what you have to do. Submit your best score to your captains when you are done.

Got a question about the challenge?

Questions & Answers

Mental Challenge

This game requires Teamwork, Communication and Determination

  • There are 7 overs in this challenge.
  • Every Over will be a different Word Search.
  • Each Team Captain has submitted a theme or topic for an over. (You will need to guess who chose what for extra runs).
  • The first word search is available here to download.
  • Send your 10 words (or as many as you could find) to your captain. 
  • Don’t forget to include the theme of the word search and which captain may have chosen it for extra runs.
  • When your captain has submitted your teams scores they will be given the next word search. Your team captain will then send this to you.

Top Tips:

  • The whole team should work together to find the 10 words.
  • Some games will be easier other, will be hard.
  • Captains can move on to the next over but will only score face value of the game they have moved on from. 

Click below to print the sheet.

Got a question about the challenge?

Questions & Answers

Series 2 of Corona Cricket a slightly revised version of series 1 but with all the usual fun and games.

A weekly, fast paced quiz with resident quizmaster – Alex, will take place on Friday evenings. The Quizzes take place over Zoom with invites being sent out in advance of the event. A few, quick fire rounds with questions for all age groups and scores going in to a team total. The quiz will take no longer than 40 minutes.  

Individual and team challenges will be posted over the weekend. Players will be asked to perform tasks, mental or physical, and submit their scores to team captains. Team scores are added to the master score board published before the Friday Quiz.

Join us for Corona Cricket Series 2 by completing and submitting the form below.

Have Fun

Entry Form

Please complete the form below for players wishing to take part in Corona Cricket. Don’t forget to submit.

Corona Cricket is an opportunity for Players, Members & Family to stay in touch, keep up to date and have fun during this tricky period.

Corona Cricket is essentially an online, team game where players will be asked to perform tasks and take part in a quiz to score runs in a virtual match.

First Innings – Test Match

The first innings consists of physical and mental tasks and is played over a 4 day period, usually Monday to Thursday. Players will score runs based on the challenges set. The team with the most runs at the end of the innings will score 10 points, second place will score 8 points, third place will score 6 runs, 4th place will score 4 runs, 5th place will score 2 runs and 6th place will score 0 runs. 

Individual and team scores will be displayed as soon as they become availabe so you can check you scores against other players and teams.

Second Innings – T20/Big Bash

A quick Fire Quiz, to take place on a Saturday afternoon over a Zoom meeting. Quiz Master Alex will set 6 overs of questions each with 6 questions and aimed at all age groups. This is great fun and can create some friendly, family rivalry. Points are award to winnings teams the same as the first innings.

Winning Teams and Individual Players

The team with the most combined points over both innings will be awarded 1st place. The player with the most combined points from the first innings will be awarded 1st place.

The Series

Teams will remain the same over the coming weeks with new players always welcome. We’ll find a team for everyone! Each week the team scores and individual scores will be averaged out giving those players who join us later on to show a decent score.

Umpires and Scorers

We have a team of carefully selected Umpires and Scorers who will do their best to make this vertual game fun for everyone. If you have any thoughts or comments then please let us know.

Have Fun