Series 2 - Week 1

Corona Cricket Quiz

T20 Mental Challenge

T20 Challenge

20 over match with 6 overs of Power Play and 14 standard overs.

Your challenge – You will commence with the word H.U.N.D.R.E.D. Across the top of your page. You are to make 7 words starting with the letters provided. The word is to run down (vertical) the page. Each word counts as one over. For the first 6 overs each word must be a cricket tea and will count as double points. The last word you make (using the letter D) will initiate the 7th over.


  • Cricket Tea.
  • Fielding Position.
  • International Cricket Teams.
  • First Class, County or International Players, Male or Female.

• Letter A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T & U is valued at 1 point
• Letter D & G is valued at 2 points.
• Letter B, C, M & P is valued at 3 points.
• Letter F, H, V, W & Y is valued at 4 points.
• Letter K is valued at 5 points.
• Letter J & X is valued at 8 points.
• Letter Q & Z is valued at 10 points.

Print a letter score sheet here

So it is a tactical approach which words you use the most to score big…

Physical Challenge

Attempt this challenge as often as you would like.

You will need:

A steady base and a set of cards. (We recommend History Heros cards but you can use normal playing cards)

You will have 1 minute and 10 lives (wickets)

Construct you tower to gain points.

Each triangle on the ground level scores 1 run

Each triangle on the second level will score 2 runs

Each triangle on the third level will score 4 runs

Each triangle on the fourth level will score 6 runs


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