Series Match 1 - Test Match

Team Scores

Player Weighting: Some teams have now have 5 players others have 4. To balance the scores we have added a ‘player weighting’ score to the team scores. This player weighting is an average of the mental and physical challenges scored by your team and then added to your actual score to give your team a fair chance against those teams with more players.

We think this is a fair approach.

TeamMental ChallengeMental Challenge PointsPhysical ChallengePhysical Challenge PointsTotal Challenge ScoreChallenge PointsBig Bash Quiz ScoreBig Bash Quiz PointsExtras pointsSeries 1 Total Points

Individual Scores

NameTeamGroupPhysical ChallengeMental ChallengeTotal Score
Rachael AshbeeHeartsSnr410211025
Tracey ElliottSpiritSnr17903920
Megan ElliottMagiciansSnr1890891
Helen SmithBlazeSnr4883887
Wendy MorrisSparksSnr24738762
Jamie WrenSparksSnr36637673
Bronte LorimerSparksGU1630640670
Sarah HarryHindsSnr30632662
Lottie HarrisonMagiciansGU1636609645
Jackie HarrisonHeartsSnr32595627
Tilda AshbeeSpiritGU1630584614
Bex CliffordSpiritSnr24570594
Gemma ElliottHindsSnr0586586
James WrenHeartsBoys24555579
Tabby AshbeeHindsSnr0516516
Aimee HarrisonSpiritGU1312483495
Rosie Dyer-SladeHindsGU1636406442
Hollie WrenMagiciansU921376397
Caz WrenBlazeSnr18366384
James ChinChenBlazeSnr8369377
Vic HarryMagiciansSnr30338368
Louise ChinChenSparksSnr15352367
Issy ChinChenHindsGU1116319335
Flo HarryBlazeGU1121312333
Elleigh GreenSparksGu1320276296
Owen HarryHeartsBoys12261273

Physical Challenge - Super Over

A Super Over in cricket is played when two teams have drawn a match and a result is required. 

The Super Over is played in the following way;

The batting team face one over with a maximum of 3 batters thereby having two wickets in hand throughout the 6 balls. If the batting team losses 2 wickets in the Super Over their innings ends.

Your challenge – By flipping cards (any style of playing card) a maximum of 6 times you can accumulate a run total. You can elect to flip 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 cards on each occasion. If you successfully flip a card or cards you earn that amount of runs;

1 card = 1 run
2 cards = 2 runs
3 cards = 3 runs
4 cards = 4 runs
5 cards = 5 runs
6 cards = 6 runs

The most you can score in this super over is 36 runs.

If you flip the card(s) and fail to catch it – you are out! You only have two wickets in a Super Over so do bat savvy.

You can attempt the Super Over as often as you wish over the four days. 

Post your best score to your team Captain so it can be added to the team total.

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The card can flip as often as it likes… If the card (or cards) are not caught a wicket is lost.

There are no extra points for amounts of flips.

A flip is completed by a player (batter) placing one or more (up to 6) on a surface. The Card is flipped by the player bringing their finger or fingers in an upward motion, striking the edge of the card or cards and thereby propelling then both upwards and over. A ‘flip’ by definition relating to this drill is 180° or more.

If a batter elects to flip more than one card, all the cards must be caught in that action to claim those runs… e.g. a batter elects to flip 3 cards. On carrying out the action the batter flips all 3 but only catches 2, allowing the 3rd to drop. That constitutes as no runs scored AND the loss of a wicket.

Train the brain - Batting in the Power Play.

Power Play in limited overs cricket restricts the fielding to two fielders beyond the inner circle… 5 overs of Power Play are allocated to this match.

Your challenge – You will commence with the word C. R. I. C. K. E. T. Across the top of your page. You are to make 7 words starting with the letters provided. The word is to run down (vertical) the page. For the 1st over each word must be a first name. The last word you make (using the letter T) will initiate the 2nd over e.g. if you used Trevor you will start the 2nd over with T. R. E. V. O. R. across the page. You will then make up words vertically, first letters governed by your word. Each word is to be the name of a Fruit.

1st over – First name.
2nd over – Fruit.
3rd over – Animal.
4th over – City.
5th over – Country.

Scoring & Power Play – You score up each over and add each over together leaving you with a grand total. Here’s how to score. Each letter has a value. The value is as follows;

• Letter A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T & U is valued at 1 point
• Letter D & G is valued at 2 points.
• Letter B, C, M & P is valued at 3 points.
• Letter F, H, V, W & Y is valued at 4 points.
• Letter K is valued at 5 points.
• Letter J & X is valued at 8 points.
• Letter Q & Z is valued at 10 points.

Print a letter score sheet here

So it is a tactical approach which words you use the most to score big…

Got a question about the challenge?

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