Series Match 2 - Test Match

Team Scores

Player Weighting: Some teams have now have 5 players others have 4. To balance the scores we have added a ‘player weighting’ score to the team scores. This player weighting is an average of the mental and physical challenges scored by your team and then added to your actual score to give your team a fair chance against those teams with more players.

We think this is a fair approach.

TeamMental ChallengeMental Challenge PointsPhysical ChallengePhysical Challenge PointsTotal Challenge ScoreChallenge PointsBig Bash Quiz ScoreSeries 2 Total Points

Individual Scores

NameTeamGroupPhysical ChallengeMental ChallengeTotal Score
Bronte LorimerSparksGU1676244806
Helen SmithBlazeSnr274104378
Vic HarryMagiciansSnr194104298
Lottie HarrisonMagiciansGU16183100283
Tracey ElliottSpiritSnr22241263
Flo HarryBlazeGU1117872250
Jackie HarrisonHeartsSnr22420244
Jamie WrenSparksSnr19744241
Louise ChinChenSparksSnr128104232
Aimee HarrisonSpiritGU1321020230
Rachael AshbeeHeartsSnr10692198
James WrenHeartsBoys17220192
Issy ChinChenHindsGU1116818186
Sarah HarryHindsSnr10972181
James ChinChenBlazeSnr15618174
Owen HarryHeartsBoys15518173
Wendy MorrisSparksSnr12344167
Caz WrenBlazeSnr12320143
Rosie Dyer-SladeHindsGU1611820138
Tilda AshbeeSpiritGU161310131
Tabby AshbeeHindsSnr11019129
Megan ElliottMagiciansSnr10820128
Bex CliffordSpiritSnr11018128
Hollie WrenMagiciansU9482068
Gemma ElliottHindsSnr03131
Elleigh GreenSparksGu13000

Activity – Batting – Building an Innings.

To score in the long game a batter needs to build on an innings. Self-discipline, dealing with the good ball, splitting the field to rotate the strike and the ability to punish the bad ball when / if it comes.

Your challenge – over 4 days you can bat a full 40 over innings. You will score by showing good throwing accuracy and tactical awareness.

What you need – A tennis ball. A pot, pan, small bucket or jug (not a household bucket… far too large), score card, pen/pencil and a relatively flat straight bowling track (no longer than 8 of your normal steps) with the ability to have a rebound at one end (wall, chair, cricket bag…).

Set up – Place your pot a couple of inches forward of your rebound. Walk 8 paces away from your pot and turn face it. You can make a mark on the ground at 8 paces or place an object to help you see. Have your scoresheet and pen/pencil available at the 8 pace point. This can be either in or outside (you may change locations if you wish. Indoors or out… wherever you fancy).

How to play – From 8 paces deliver your ball towards your object. Your intention is to land the ball into the object. It doesn’t matter how… bounce, directly, in-directly, rebound… it just needs to start 8 paces away. After each delivery collect your ball (only the one ball can be used), return to the 8 pace mark, note the delivery score on the score sheet and then deliver the next ball. You will do this as an ‘over’ – 6 balls per over. You have a maximum of 40 overs to score. You have 4 days to complete this task.

Scoring – The below describes the method of scoring (or not);

                              Miss the object completely – Dot ball.

                              Hit the object – 1 Run.

                              Enter then leave the object – 4 Runs.

                              Enter and remains in the object – 6 Runs.

Sample score sheet below:

Got a question about the challenge?

Questions & Answers

Scores for both events are submitted via your captain.

Series 2 – Brain Trainer.

Twenty runs up for grabs here.

Twenty ‘CRICKET’ related words/names have been hidden within the square. There is a mixture of terms, positions, kit, places… anything remotely related to our beloved game of cricket. There may even be a two worded term!

You’ve got 4 days to find the words and gain some quick singles…

If you find all 20 words/names (the 20 as selected by umpire Andrew) you will be provided the opportunity to score ‘Extras’.

Submit your completed score sheet to the umpires via your Captain for a run check. If correct the opportunity to score extras will be awarded to you. If not your score sheet will be returned for you to have a 2nd innings.

Click here to download your Brain Trainer


Got a question about the challenge?

Questions & Answers

Scores for both events are submitted via your captain.

Each team member is batting. So each player can score runs. To score runs the player needs to find the words. So Yes – to score more runs each member submits their word search for scoring. When 20 is reached that player will receive a new opportunity to score runs for their team (and their own score tally).