Series Match 3 - Test Match

Team Scores

Player Weighting: Some teams have now have 5 players others have 4. To balance the scores we have added a ‘player weighting’ score to the team scores. This player weighting is an average of the mental and physical challenges scored by your team and then added to your actual score to give your team a fair chance against those teams with more players.

We think this is a fair approach.

TeamMental ChallengeChallenge PointsPhysical ChallengeChallenge PointsBig Bash QuizBig Bash PointsOverall Position

Individual Scores

NameTeamSudoku 1Sudoku 2Sudoku 3Sudoku 4Sudoku TotalBat TapsAround the worldShow boatPhysical Total
Rachael AHearts18018018016070012610030256
Jackie HHearts1801807004300000
Owen HHearts16018018018070016900169
James WHearts160180180140660980098
Jenny HHearts001801803601001000200
Charlotte SHearts00000960096
Tracey ESpirit1801807018061016200162
Bex CSpirit14018018018068012800128
Tilda ASpirit18018018018072010500105
Aimee HSpirit9090908035011700117
Katie RSpirit1801801801807208410037221
Sarah HHinds180180180180720131033164
Gemma EHinds180180180180720170017
Rosie D-SHinds180180180180720207034241
Tabby AHinds1801600034013000130
Mason KHinds180180180180720200020
Helen SMagicians18018018018072011700117
Megan EMagicians180180180180720110011
Lottie HMagicians1601801801807001881000288
Jess HMagicians1801601801807001203850
Hollie WMagicians16018000340160016
Corrina CMagicians00180180360520052
Wendy MSparks180180180180720390039
Jamie WSparks18018018018072018100181
Bronte LSparks1801801801807201401000240
Scarlett ASparks18018018018072011800118
Elleigh GSparks1801801401806801181000218
Beth CSparks00180180360250025
Caz WBlaze180180180180720290029
Bella WBlaze180180180180180640064
Flo HBlaze18018018018072016310033296
Jacob YBlaze180160003400000
Fiona GBlaze015018016049012200122
Sarah GBlaze00180180360230023
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Scores so far..

Here’s the run down as we go into the final day;

Sparks – 2840
Blaze – 2830
Hearts – 2698
Magician’s – 2660
Hinds – 2644
Spirit – 2460

Physical – ‘Around the World’.

Katie Ray (Spirit) – 💯 runs.

Lottie Harrison (Magicians) – 💯 runs.

Flo Harry (Blaze) – 💯 runs.

Bronte Lorimer (Sparks) – 💯 runs.

Around the World..

Around the World..

Physical Challenges - 2 Opportunities to score

Two chances to score for your team this week, both very quick to do so you can put in as much or little time that you find you have. Key to both tasks though… video evidence.

          ‘If it ain’t captured… it didn’t happened!’

Challenge 1 – Bat Taps ‘But not as you know it’.

Rules – Maximum of one (1) minute of bat taps. As soon as the ball touches the floor or one minute expires your run score is complete.

One or two hands on the handle of the bat. Any handling of any other part of the bat will be considered a wicket… no runs to be included in your run count after that point.

Equipment – Bat (plastic or wooden), ball (anything you want), method of timing & method of recording.

Scoring – Time starts at the point of first tap;

                              Face of bat – one (1) run.

                              Edge of bat – two (2) runs.

                              Back of bat – four (4) runs.

                              Top of bat handle grip – six (6) runs.


                    Use of head, shoulder(s) and knee(s) – four (4) runs.

                    One handed catch to conclude minute – six (6) runs.


Fifty (50)… yes, fifty (50) runs up for grabs here. Show your skills in any guise. Be it some moves or a combination of actions. The end product will be judged by the panel and up to 50 runs added to your minute total.

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Challenge 2 – 'Around the World

Curtesy of Emily Windsor – Hampshire Women’s & Southern Viper’s. 

Rules – Very simple… view the video and complete the task as displayed. You’ll need to prove you achieved it.

Equipment – A soft shoe, room to roll and a means to record.

Scoring – Straight off the bat… ONE HUNDRED (100) runs… and just as important – bragging rights. 

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‘Very simple…view the video and complete the task as displayed’.

Series 3 – Mental Challenge

Four chances to score for your team this week over four days. On each day you will be provided with a Sudoku puzzle to solve. In short, you will receive 10 runs for each row you complete… so Sudoku with a twist. Maximum of 180 runs per day.

Rules – Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids that compose the grid contain all of the digits from 1 to 9. The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid, which for a well-posed puzzle has a single solution.

Equipment – The daily provided puzzle and something to write with.

Scoring – Complete one line (horizontal or vertical) to score 10 runs. Standard Sudoku rules apply so it will get harder the further you get in the puzzle. Unlike the genuine Sudoku though, you will be apportioned runs for as far as you get (basically the puzzle does not need to be completed to score runs).

Your scores should be submitted by 9pm every evening with new Sudoku released the following day at 11.00am.
There are 4 Sudoku challenges in total.

Thursday - Final Day - Sudoku - click to print

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